Organising a webinar is the latest trend when it comes to presentations. But what is a webinar? The word is derived from ‘web’ and ‘seminar’, or an interactive transfer of knowledge via the Internet. And a webinar only has an online audience. The great advantage is that you can reach a global target group without travelling. Organise your webinar from home, at a location of your choice or in our professional, fully-equipped studio in Aartselaar, Belgium.

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Although a seminar is often expensive, a webinar is cost-efficient and allows you to not only save money, but also time. Viewers can actively participate by incorporating a live Q&A or poll that the speaker can anticipate. Or invite guest speakers from all over the world and conduct an online panel discussion for your audience. Forget the expensive fees for a location, stage and catering and spend your time on the content of your presentation or online framework. Get started by yourself and organise your own webinar free of charge or let us help you with a professional upgrade.  

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If you are presenting to a limited audience, you can organise your own webinar for free using apps such as Zoom and WebinarGeek. However, this often leads to frustration, which you can avoid by getting professional support. Our crew will take care of everything. You decide how much of the organisation and production you want to outsource. Give your webinar a professional look and opt for our fully equipped webinar studio.

Just like a physical seminar, a pre-production phase also precedes a webinar. Get started with our 7-step plan and decide how we can help you and what you can do yourself.

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DB Video offers many options to choose from. Choose a webinar that is encrypted with a username and/or password, live Q&A, live polling, live connection with speakers on the other side of the world, a payment platform, etc. At the end, you will have access to viewer statistics, viewing time per viewer, average viewing time, on which type of device viewers watched your webinar and the geolocation of your viewers, providing immediate insight into the reach you achieved. Don’t let limited budgets stop you. Optimise your returns and take control of your interactive communication now. 

See you soon!

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